Areas of Practice

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger management
  • Isolation
  • Loneliness
  • Trust issues
  • Communication
  • Cross cultural challenges
  • Lifestyle imbalance
  • In-law conflicts
  • Conflicts with parents
  • Value differences
  • Workplace challenges




Individual Counselling

Obligations, finance, parenting, or relationship can create a lot of stress.  People try to cope with their life challenges the best they can.  But did you notice that you are saying or thinking some of the following recently?

  • I don’t understand..., it is just so unfair
  • He (she) is so irritating...
  • I am so tired of feeling this way
  • Should I stay or should I leave? (job, situation, or relationship)
  • I don’t know what else to do
  • Our relationship would be so much better if he (she) can...
  • It is useless, no one understands

We all have our ups and downs, but there are times when it is just too much.  Nothing works and you are feeling stuck.  You are not alone to feel this way.  I understand the suffering and I can help you.

Personal Counselling

Things are not going well for you?  The problems are affecting your family, friends, or work.  You are going through major life events or challenging transitions.  You try to look good on the outside, but you are spinning out of control or drying up inside.  Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, hopeless, or numb.  In personal counselling sessions, I will work closely with you to attend to your struggles in a warm, respectful, and supportive setting.  We will clarify your issues, and you will see how these insights can transform into opportunities for understanding and growth.

Relationship Counselling for Individuals 

Perhaps it is not just you.  You know your partner (or other family member, coworker)  can also contribute to the agony and misery.  Ideally everyone involved can be on board to resolve the issues.  But what if the other person is unwilling to come for counselling?  You are still encouraged to come in by yourself to discuss how you can improve the situations.  Actually, marriage, family, or any relationship is a system.  Any change in one member of the system affects the structure and the other members in the system.  Therefore I will support you to better understand the dynamics between you and the other individuals.  We will learn more effective communication skills.  We will develop better coping strategies.  This often leads to a relative change in your partner and in others.

It Is Time to Feel Better

Whether they are personal heartache or relationship challenges, and regardless of your partner or the other person is interested in coming to counselling, it is possible you can create new ways to handle the situations.  Imagine how life would be different for you.  You may feel calmer with yourself.  You can be more at ease with others.  You may be more confident and energetic.  You can feel more in control of your life.

You want to feel better and happier, and I want you to.  Let me help you with your situation.  My name is Chi.  Contact me at 604-719-7555 to find out how counselling can benefit you and make changes happen.  Let’s get started today.

Other counselling services: Marriage and Couples Counselling, and Child and Youth Counselling