Areas of Practice

  • Communication
  • Cross cultural challenges
  • Long distance relationship
  • In-law conflicts
  • Values differences
  • Parenting strife
  • Betrayal or affair
  • Separation and divorce


Marriage and Couple Counselling

Feeling unfulfilled about your marriage?  Disappointed with your partner?  What started off as a beautiful alliance has crumbled into pieces.  Love and care have turned into frustration and resentment.  You ask yourself what is wrong?  The passion is gone and you cannot stand each other anymore.  Your soul mate is now strained and distant.  Your sweetheart has become controlling and demanding.  Perhaps you question how your partner could have done such hurtful things or you blame yourself for not seeing the warning signs.

You know it is important to communicate but two of you can never reach any agreement.  You are fed up arguing about the same thing over and over again.  You are wondering if you should save the relationship or to move on at this point.  Friends and family are well-meaning but they just don’t get your pain and struggle.  If these sound familiar to you, you are not alone.  It is quite normal to feel this way.  But you don’t need to struggle alone.  There is hope and I can help.  I understand how challenge relationship is because I have been through some myself.  I am here to let you know that things can change.

How We Can Get Started

You have a unique story, and you and your partner share a unique experience.  I will work with you to focus on your unique concerns whether they are communication, cultural, commitment, understanding, intimacy, or trust issuesWe will clarify what is happening in your connection.  We will identify harmful patterns and dynamics and develop healthy ones.  We will learn tools and skills to help you foster a healthy, harmonious, and long lasting relationship.

What if your partner doesn't want to come to counselling?  There is good news!  Check out Relationship Counselling for Individuals or contact me to find out how change is still possible.

Give counselling a try because you deserve to have a great relationship.  My name is Chi.  I can help you and your partner.  Call me at 604-719-7555 today.  Let's resolve this together.

Other counselling services: Child and Youth Counselling, and Individual Counselling