Areas of Practice

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Isolation / withdrawal
  • Anger & resentment
  • Trust issues
  • Communication
  • Cross cultural challenges
  • Academic issues
  • Lifestyle imbalance
  • Trouble with rules




Child and Youth Counselling

Raising a child involves tremendous responsibilities and relentless hard work.  Parents want their children to grow up into happy and respectful citizens.  But our society has become so complicated and chaotic.  School, media, technology, and peer influences could become overwhelming for children nowadays.

You notice that your child is anxious, lonely, rude, demanding, impulsive, or angry.  Maybe your daughter spends too much time on social network.  Maybe your son’s online gaming habit is affecting his sleep and diet.  Perhaps your child has trouble following rules and cannot to keep up with school work.  You don’t get his constant rage or her gradual withdrawal.  He or she is behaving in ways that you can no longer recognize.  You have tried your best to help your child but nothing seems to work.  You are overwhelmed because it is getting out of control and it just so difficult!  Many parents shared similar struggles.  I know because I can relate to the hardship of raising kids myself.  You don’t have to sort through this alone.  There can be other options, and change is possible.

Your Child Deserve to be Happier

Your child is precious and your child’s story is unique.  Together we can explore the issues your child is facing.  Let’s uncover the reason behind his or her behaviour.  We will acquire tools to address his or her particular challenges.  We will learn skills to improve communication with your child.  As a team we can help your child develop better sense of belonging and security.

Let's empower your child so that he or she will feel better and stronger.  My name is Chi.  I can help your child.  Contact me today at 604-719-7555.  We can figure this out together.

Other counselling services: Marriage and Couples Counselling, and Individual Counselling