Anger Management Counselling

The Anger Management Counselling program is for individuals who wish to explore their emotions and communications.  You might be looking for assistance because you realize your anger is ruining relationships with loved ones.  Perhaps you want to learn about ways to manage and replace harmful behaviours because of an incident at work.  Maybe you have been asked by your representative or by the legal system to attend Anger Management Counselling.  This counselling program is beneficial for you to understand how anger is interfering with your lives and relationships.

Regardless of the reason why you reach out for help, I want you to know that I would not judge you.  Seeking counselling is not a sign of weakness and it does not mean that you are incapable.  It does mean that you are taking a very courageous and important step towards change.  You are seeking to improve your relationship with others and to feel better about yourself.

How it Works

The Anger Management Counselling program typically consists of six sessions.  Additional sessions could also be arranged for your needs.  The sessions often cover some or all of the following topics:

  • Understanding human emotions
  • Experiences beneath anger
  • Empathic listening
  • Healthy Ways of expressing your feeling
  • Setting healthy boundary
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Conflict resolution

Once we have our initial discussion, I would also work with you to tailor the topics to address your specific need.  Below are examples of additional topics that might be beneficial:

  • Increasing your self-esteem
  • Improving your interpersonal skills
  • Developing self-awareness
  • Mindful of your emotions
  • Healing from your past trauma


Cj HUNG counselling + consulting can provide documentation for your lawyer, insurance provider, employer, the court system, or anyone else who may require a written statement of your attendance.

My name is Chi, and I am here to help.  Give me a call at 604-719-7555 to see how you can achieve a more balanced life.