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You Don’t Have to Struggle Alone !

Living with anxiety, fear, and helplessness is difficult.  Relationship can be confusing and disappointing.  Dealing with your parents or your children can be frustrating.  You are left feeling angry and powerless, but the problems don’t seem to get any better.  I can relate and I can help.

Counselling is a relationship built on trust.  I have worked with a wide variety of individuals, couples and families.  Each of you is unique and therefore counselling should also be respectful of your own value and need.  My primary responsibility is to ensure that you feel safe and supported in the therapeutic process.  Together we will create the positive changes you deserve.

My name is Chi, and I would like to help you.  I provide services in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Taiwanese.  Call me at 604.719.7555 or email me at today to learn how you can transform your life.


Marriage/Couples Counselling

Feeling unfulfilled about your marriage?  Disappointed with your partner?  What started off as a beautiful alliance has crumbled into pieces.  Love and care have turned into frustration and resentment.  You ask yourself what is wrong?



Child & Youth Counselling

Raising a child involves unwieldy responsibilities and relentless hard work.  Parents want their children to grow up into happy and respectful citizens.  But our society has become so complicated and chaotic.



Individual Counselling

Obligations, finance, parenting, or relationship can create a lot of stress.  People try to cope with their life challenges the best they can.  But did you notice that you are saying or thinking some of the following recently?